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Membership of the SASMT carries the following benefits:

  • Membership of the SASMT unifies all music teachers into one national organisation promoting activities for the advancement of their professional competency.
  • Benevolent Fund
    A Benevolent Fund gives aid to members who are handicapped through illness or any other cause, as the Trustees may decide.
  • South African Music Teacher magazine
    Members receive the South African Music Teacher magazine . It is published annually and contains articles, reports and reviews relevant to music education nationally and internationally.
  • Directory listing
    With the written consent of each professional and independent member, his/her name, qualifications, subjects taught, mailing address, and telephone number are published in each issue of the South African Music Teacher magazine, and are also be available on this web site in the find a teacher/vind 'n onderwyser section members_menu under the members menu.
    This is a personal “advertisement” and anyone looking for a music teacher, can find your name in this directory.
    There is only one national database and it is updated by the secretaries or contact persons of every centre.
  • SASMT Regional Conventions
    Regional conferences are organised by the regional Vice-Presidents. These conferences usually include guest speakers and panel discussions addressing current issues regarding music education in Southern Africa, lecture-demonstrations, exhibitions, and musical performances. Conferences are valuable occasions for music teachers to develop their teaching skills and to be informed of the state of music education.
  • SASMT National Conference and AGM
    National Conference and AGM is organised by the President and Exco.
  • Centre activities
    Workshops, lecture-demonstrations, master-classes and concerts (for the advancement of performing skills) are held regularly. Social functions are arranged to provide opportunities for members to network and exchange ideas.
  • Scholarships
    The Society administers scholarships which are reserved for the students of members and student members.
  • Certificates of Membership
    These are issued as a further means for protecting the interests of qualified music teachers and prospective pupils.
  • National officials
    are elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Council:
    A member of Council should be a professional member of the Society except in the case of the Executive Officer and the Webmaster.

Besides receiving all the above benefits, a member who takes an active part in what the SASMT has to offer will have the satisfaction of helping to raise the status of the profession further and to increase its value to the community and every individual concerned with music.

Last updated: 20180526