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scholarships and bursaries

latest winners


Ellie Marx Bursary (Strings)
Amber Amber de Decker

- Universiteit van Stellenbosch

Gladwell Scholarship (Voice)
Yolisa Yolisa Ngwexana (Singing)
- University of North West
Kathleen Irish Scholarship
caron Caron Tremble (piano)
- University of Stellenbosch
Kathleen Irish Scholarship
Gerhard Gerhard Joubert (klavier)
- Universiteit van Kaapstad
David Reunert Bursary
Caron Caron Tremble (Piano)
- University of Stellenbosch

previous winners


Ellie Marx Beurs (Viool) R7000 Tesmarie Tesmarie Jansen van Vuuren

- Universiteit van Pretoria

Gladwell Scholarship R14500 Cameron Cameron Williams (Saxophone)
- University of Stellenbosch
Kathleen Irish Scholarship R15000 Landi Landi Schaap (klavier)
- Universiteit van Pretoria
David Reunert Beurs R1700 Throy Throy Petersen (Piano)
- University of Stellenbosch


Ellie Marx Beurs (Viool) R5000 Tesmarie Tesmarie Jansen van Vuuren
Gladwell Scholarship R12000 Cameron Cameron Williams (Saxophone)
Kathleen Irish Scholarship (Piano) R12000 Yohan Yohan Chun
David Reunert Beurs R1500 Mieke Mieke Struwig (Klarinet)


Kathleen Irish R10000 Nicholas Nicholas Haralambous (piano)
Ellie Marx R5000 +
Share of Gladwell R6000
Thapelo Thapelo Masita (cello)
Share of Gladwell R6000 Mieke Mieke Struwig (clarinet)
David Reunert R1500 Arianna Arianna Carini (guitar)


Kathleen Irish R10000MeganGeoffreyMegan-Geoffrey Prins (Piano)
Gladwell R12000 Cherilee Cherilee Adams (Percussion)
Ellie Marx: R5000 Carin Carin Jansen van Vuuren (Violin)
David Reunert R1500 LeahLeah Gunter (Singing)


David Reunert Bursary (R1500)Cherilee Cherilee Adams (Percussion)
Ellie Marx Memorial Scholarship (R5000.00)Carin Carin Janse van Vuuren (viool)
Gladwell Scholarship (R12000.00)Peter Peter Cartwright (Piano)

information & application forms

The SASMT administers the following bursaries and scholarships for music study in South Africa:

The closing date for entries for 2020 is Friday 9 October 2020. Entries should have reached the EO on or before that date at the following address: or PO Box 452, Kenton-on-Sea, 6191.
In stead of a DVD recording for your application, you can also use a video placed on Youtube. Click on the item above to get more information and application form. Please note that your application must include a photo in electronic format about 500 px in height.

Bursaries by other organizations

Previous Winners


Ellie Marx Bursary (Violin) R5000 Paul Paul Loeb van Zuilenburg (Violin) - University of Cape Town
Gladwell Scholarship R12000 Rian Rian Smit (Flute) - Universiteit van Stellenbosch
Kathleen Irish Scholarship (Piano) R12000 Seiren Seiren Wu (Piano) - University of Cape Town
David Reunert Beurs R1500 Aimée Aimée Porter (Violin) - Universiteit van Pretoria


Ellie Marx Beurs (Viool) R5000 Aimee Aimée Porter
- Universiteit van Pretoria
Gladwell Scholarship (Piano) R12000 Lezanti Lezanti van Sittert
- Universiteit van Pretoria
Kathleen Irish Beurs (Klavier) R10000 Lourens Lourens Fick
- Universiteit van Stellenbosch
David Reunert Bursary (Piano) R1500 Landi Landi Schaap


Kathleen Irish R10000 Bronwyn Bronwyn van Wieringen (piano)
Ellie Marx R5000 +
David Reunert R1500
Carin v Vuuren Carin Jansen van Vuuren (viool)
Gladwell R12000 Roelof Temmingh Roelof Temmingh (klavier)


David Reunert Bursary (R1500.00)MFlentge Marianne Flentge – Blokfluit, Universiteit van Pretoria
Ellie Marx Memorial Scholarship (R5000.00)aimee Aimée Porter, Pretoria (R2500.00)
  Jemma-Zoe Jemma Zoë Thorburn, Johannesburg (R2500.00)
Gladwell Scholarship (R12000.00)Eben Eben Wagenstroom Klavier/Piano UCT
Kath Irish Bursary for Piano (R10000.00)F Botha François Botha (UCT)


David Reunert Bursary)Matthew Hartdegen (piano)
Ellie Marx Memorial ScholarshipAbel Selaocoe (Cello)
Gladwell ScholarshipDylan Tabisher (Percussion)
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