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1 redakteursbrief

2 List of Office Bearers 2011-2012
5 The 2011 Annual Conference in Durban
9 Vioolwerkwinkel deur Louis van der Watt word met entoesiasme ontvang
11 Ensemble playing in the Piano Studio
14 Elbows and knwees and oops-a-daisy!, or the Pianist-in-Performance: a moving experience
22 SASMT Bursary Winners 2012/2011
23 Book Review
24 Music Review
25 Boekresensies
26 CD Review
29 The development of independent musicianship in the general music classroom
38 Obituaries
42 The Website of the South African Society of Music Teachers
46 SASMT Member Directory / SAVMO Ledelys



Matildie Thom-Wium

Redakteur Resensies

Yolanda Botha

Redakteur SAVMO nuus

Jeff Brukman

Besigheidbestuurder Elma Britz

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