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New Centre in Ekhuruleni (East Rand)
A new centre of the SASMT is to be established . Click here for more detail.
Photos from the AGM held in Durban in April 2018
The 96th AGM and Conference was held form 5 - 7 April 2018 in Durban. Click here to see the photos.
UITSLAG 2018 Hennie Joubert Klavierkompetisie 2018
1. Mike Wang (11)
2. Gerhard Joubert (17)
3. Qden Blaauw (13)
4. Beate Boshoff (16)
5. Simon Wu (17)
Beste Prelude & Fuga, Virtuoso Etude & SA Komposisie = Mike Wang
Beste 3de Rondte & Beste Klassieke Sonate = Berhard Joubert
Most promising = Milano Reyneke
2018-01-20: Pretoria Annual General Meeting 20 January 2018  

photos from the Pretoria Annual General Meeting 2018 — January 2018

Click on the thumbnails to see bigger size. These photos have reduced resolution for the web. You can obtain fullsize versions from the webmaster.
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