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Results HumanNaudé Music Scholarship Competition

HumanNaudé Congratulations to Kagiso Ramosa (saxophone) who is the 2022 winner of the HumanNaudé Music Scholarship Competition worth R100 000.00!

Results National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competiion

16&u National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competition 12 Sep. 2022 NSPEC Results 16&under:
1.Daniël & Chi-Chi Duo
2.88 Squares
3.PBH Guitar Quartet
13&u National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competition 12 Sep. ·
2022 NSPEC Results 13&under
1.Chiang Sisters
2.Jessie & Alisa Duo
10&u National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competition 12 Sep.
NSPEC 2022 Results 10&under:
1.Yufei & Xiang Duo
2.The Pretty Chords
3.Fireflies Quartet
19&u National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competition 12 Sep.
2022 NSPEC Results 19&under
1.Boys High Trio
2.GMI Nimetön Quartet
3.Circle of Five
open National SASMT Pretoria Ensemble Competition 12 Sep.
2022 NSPEC Results Open Category
1.OSM Brax Quintet
2.UP String Quartet

Official Results from SASMT Gqeberha Centre Music Competition

SASMT Gqeberha Centre Competition 2022 results PDF

Victoria K Bennett competition finalists

CATEGORY A (8 – 10 years)
1. Chloé McLellan (piano)
2. Wangyou Cai (piano)

CATEGORY B (11 – 12 years)
1. Annabelle Chen (piano)
2. Jayden Li (cello)

CATEGORY C (13 – 14 years)
1. Lebeko Mosunkutu (piano)
2. Christiaan Theron (violin)

CATEGORY D (15 – 16 years)
1. Carine Pretorius (recorder)
2. Heinrich Sutton (piano)

CATEGORY E (17 – 18 years)
1. Deniell Nell (flute)
2. Karli Janeke (piano)

CATEGORY F (19 – 25 years)
1. Chloé Vermeulen (flute)
2. Lusanti Brundyn (violin)
3. Willie Naudé (cello)

Onderhoud met Marietjie Hesse oor SAVMO

Onderhoud gevoer deur Terrance April, uitgesaai op RSG Kunsprogram 9 Augustus 2022.


Marietjie Hesse - RSG Kunsprogram 9Aug2022 MP3

5th SA Conductors’ Competition Results

Conductors When the winner, Jacobus de Jager says: “I have learnt so much from this competition. From Maestro Arjan Tien, from orchestra members’ feedback, camaraderie between the competitors, from the panel. This was a fantastic competition; ” and runner up Jason Atherton sums up the ethos of the competition with these words: “Just want to say thank you so much for everything! It’s been a crazy ride but I’ve learned so much, and that was the ultimate goal. Winning the competition was a close second to education. Yes, I was a tad disappointed, BUT I am most thankful and most joyful, ” then we know we are on the right track.

We were delighted to have Louis van Zyl represent his father, Len, who founded the competition. Louis handed over the medals to Jacobus, Jason and to runner up Reghardt Kühn, who thanked us for another great edition of the competition.

Says Louis Heyneman, CEO and Artistic Director of the CPO: “The competition is an important investment in the future of music. We have such an abundance of musical talent in South Africa, but gaining experience in front of a professional symphony orchestra is difficult and expensive. Our contribution towards developing local conductors has been an important addition to transferring skills to young musicians. In spite of so many financial obstacles in the way the CPO will continue to build on our reputation as pioneers on several levels.”

Heyneman joined Tien, Richard Cock, Bernhard Gueller and laureates of the competition Chad Hendricks and Brandon Phillips as a judge. The competition remains on the website and on

We thank Maestro Arjan Tien for his committed input and valuable masterclasses; we thank the judges for being at all the rounds and all the way through, and we thank the candidates for joining us. We also thank the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre, Dr Arisa Voges, Mrs Mariette van Wyngaard and the staff for so much assistance in running this competition. We look forward to the next competition.

Hennie Joubert kompetisie 2022

Finaliste: Five young pianists wereHennieJoubert_komp selected for the final round of the Hennie Joubert Piano Competition, which is part of the Stellenbosch Piano Symposium. They are (from left) Vivianna Pearson, Mikhaila Porter, Isaac van der Merwe, Qden Blaau and Dané van Graan.
Finale uitslag:
Hennie Joubert
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