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choir catalogue / koorwerke katalogus - Franco Prinsloo

Junior Choirs, Senior Choirs and Children’s Choirs (S, SA, SAA)
Title Description Besetting
Gloria An energetic setting of the gloria, ideal for competitions and getting an audience on their feet. Suitable for Children’s choirs and girls choirs SSA + piano
On that holy night A Christmas song. A moving carol idea for Christmas programme SAAA + piano / organ
Halleluja, loof die Here A prayer in Afrikaans SSA + piano
Pluk die snare A jazzy piece for children’s choir, imitating the sound of a trumpet SA + piano
Die middernag seties A fun piece for children’s choir about monsters hiding under the bed. Sung in Afrikaans with some spooky Glockenspiel SA chorus + piano
Die rommel restourant A jazzy super fun piece about a restaurant serving real junk! Sung in Afrikaans SSA chorus + piano
Daar’s bitterals in die heuningwals A cycle of three short songs on quirky Afrikaans poetry by legendary poet Philip de Vos SATB or SA choir + piano
Lied van die dokters A comedic fantasy about doctors. Sung in Afrikaans. This piece can show off your choirs interpretive ability a lot SA + piano
2 Korinthiers 12:9 A beautiful legato piece based on the famous text from the Afrikaans bible SA chorus divisi + piano
Die liedjie van my rietfluit Fun and energetic SA chorus + piano
Amica Mea (Canticle II) An energetic rhythmic setting of the first verse of Song of Songs in Latin. Perfect for advancd children’s choirs. A showstopper! TTBB + piano
Psalm 100 The famours psalm sung in Afrikaans. Energetic with a slow middle part. SSA with divisi
For more advanced children’s choir, please see list of works for girls and woman’s chorus. Please send an email to order digital sheet music and obtain the rights to perform the music at or phone me at +27 82 710 6426
Please feel free to make contact with me if you would like to commission me to compose a new piece tailor made for your choir

Laas bygewerk: 20171213